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Amplus LED Message Display Rasmus blog post


Arduino library on Github

8 thoughts on “Arduino Ethernet Shield hooked up to LED message display

  1. can i define where the message i sent it will appear in the led display & can i show two different message in the same time

  2. Hi Mostafa!

    You can send a long message containing both messages or send one to page a and one message to page b and then switch between them. The code library I supplied does not support switching between pages but you could look at the protocol and see what does.

    Hope it helps! :-)

  3. Why is the 5V connected to the message display? It should work with only transmit and ground connected, or am I wrong?

  4. Thanks for your answer :D
    i like this project very much ;) & please i have another questions :
    1- if this library help me to use led screen like LCD arduino libirary ( first set cursor then print message and clear it when i need )
    2- can i print or show variable value in this libirary
    messageBoard.displayMessage(PAGE_A,”My message!”);
    i need to print variable x can i do this
    messageBoard.displayMessage(PAGE_A, x);

    • @Mostafa

      You can print your variable message with the following code:

      String pageValue = connectAndRead(); //connect to the server and read the output
      String myMessage = “My personal message”;
      messageBoard.displayMessage(PAGE_A, myMessage);

  5. Hi Ellen,

    I am working on this same project but using a different board ( LPD8008 http://www.embeddedadventures.com/LED_matrix_display_LDP-8008.html). The intent is to have a program that displays different messages at different times.
    But I am finding a few problems, primarily because I am very new to the entire Arduino and electronics world.

    First I cannot figure out how to connect the LED matrix to the Atmega328. Second, I have past the code you gave above here but I keep on getting this error:

    sketch_may06b:13: error: stray ‘\’ in program
    sketch_may06b:11: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘{‘ token

    at this point of the sketch:

    String generateMessage(String inputString); {

    byte checksum = 0×74;
    int i;

    Again, I am at the very start, so it is a bit difficult for me to find errors in a code.
    Is there any chance you would be so kind to help?

    Many thanks

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