Flexi force sensor

How to hook up a Flexi Force sensor with Arduino and read out the values.

  1. int fsrReading;
  3. void setup(void) {
  4.   Serial.begin(9600);  
  5. }
  7. void loop(void) {
  8.   fsrReading = analogRead(A0);
  9.   Serial.print("Analog reading = ");
  10.   Serial.println(fsrReading);
  12.   delay(100);
  13. }

See example of how to use a Flexi Force sensor with Arduino.

5 thoughts on “Flexi force sensor

  1. hey,
    Am using this sensor in my project as impact measuring sensor..and its working perfectly
    but i don’t understand what the analog reading of this sensor means..like the readings indicates what ?

    and if i want to convert this analog readings from this to force how i can do it ??

    Thanks in advance,

  2. hey! im using adduino for the very first time and im trying to use this program using a flexiforce sensor. now im currenty working on a project that involves measuring the forces exerted on “5″ sensors. i was initially using other methods but i was not getting the desired output, but when i tried this program i was happy. could you help to develop the program that would enable me to channel 5 flexiforce 1lbs sensors.
    its kinda urgent, so please oblige and help. i dont have any other form of help

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